Atom and Cmder

If you work in a Windows environment you may already have heard of Cmder. For those or you who haven't - in a nutshell its a terminal window from the future, brought back to this day and time to save the sanity of command line users in a Windows world, in other words a terminal window that doesn't suck. It comes with a bunch of great features, check it out at Cmder

I've been using Cmder for at least the past two years now and its great, love the Unix commands, built in git..etc - enough said I'm a fan. While googling something Cmder related, I stumbled upon this great post on how to combine Sublime text and Cmder where you can basically split screen the Cmder terminal window with the Sublime text editor in one pane and the command line in the other. The timing couldn't be better as I was starting to dive into some Node development in my spare time and this really hit a sweet spot. Here's the blog check it out sublime text and cmder

Since then I've dabbled with quite a few different editors and have really come to like Github's Atom; while relatively new it has already built up quite an ecosystem, its open-source, and plays nice with c# via the Omnisharp plugin. Obviously the next step was introduction time, Cmder meet Atom, Atom meet Cmder. Following the steps from the sublime text and cmder blog above I was able to setup Cmder to pop up Atom via an alias. Here is a quick recap of the steps substituting Sublime Text for Atom.

Step 1: Create a new folder for Atom in the '/cmder/vendor/' location.

Step 2: Download Github Atom and unzip the contents into the Atom folder

Step 3: Add an alias to the aliases file under /cmder/config/aliases, like

atom alias

Now that I got Cmder and Atom playing nice I was never happy with having the Atom editor either to my right or below my command line window. Like a lot of developers there's a part of my brain that likes to see stuff in a certain way, Ideally I wanted something with Atom in the top portion of the window and the bottom half with two command windows, like this

atom and cmder split screen

I experimented with trying to create an alias to do this very thing but after a few tries opted to go the "Task" route, which in the end allowed for a lot more options. From the Cmder menu select Settings and then Tasks

atom github settings

In the task window if you click on the plus sign in the lower left area of the screen it will create a blank task. I've setup my task to open the editor and my two command windows in a particular directory. Here is a link to the ConEmu documentation check out the "new console switch" if you want to do more tweaking

atom github settings

Now you can launch the whole setup from the "create new console" dropdown in the lower right hand corner; find and click on the Atom task and away you go

atom new console launcher